Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New glasses? Heeheeeee

Oh my darling daughter Jamie....she looses everything! This poor kid, as my father would say, would loose her head if it wasn't attached! She went to the Bahamas on spring break, had a fab of a time except that she LOST her Coach sunglasses. Her and her friends were on the beach and she decided to go into the water...she was only going to go in up to her knees and then one of her friends talked her into going a little further into the water. Well her glasses were on her head when a BIG wave came and knocked them off! She tried to grab for them, and even felt them drift past her fingertips, to her dismay, they were gone forever!
Well my hubby and I solved everything...we took a pair of glasses, that she had when she was a little kid, and wrote, with a magic marker, on the side "Coach". We gave them to her when she got home. She did laugh at them...at least we were able to get a smile/chuckle out of her! Heeeheee!

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