Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Cheer!

Hi everyone! This is such an exciting time of the year. Holiday preparation is in full force and those precious memories, to be made, are just around the corner.  We all want to capture them and keep them dear to our hearts the best way that we know how. This year, I decided that I would put together a mini book by prepping the pages, for photos and documenting, ahead of time. So today,  as part of our DT 'desk' adventure at Paperdvizhnik, I'd like to share a glimpse of what's on my desk, at the moment, and how I'm putting together my mini.

 I've covered the front of my book with patterned paper, ribbon, and a vintage button.

Some of the staples, that I'm using for the pages, and use on most everything that I create, are alphas and stickers:

I think a variety will add interest to each page and make the photo's that I put on them 'pop'!
Another biggy of mine are stamps and some kind of cloth. I've gathered what I had for Christmas/Holiday stamps and then purchased some nice Holiday print fabric to cut up and use throughout the book in different ways.

As I'm decorating each page, I find myself getting more and more excited for the holidays to come.....all the prep will be done and then I can just adhere the pics.....yeah! I don't know why I didn't do this for previous years!!!
Part of my large stash is ribbon.....I just can't seem to get enough. It's great for adding bits and pieces or large amounts like the bow on the front cover.....it's just adds a nice 'prettiness' to anything.
My next photo is me putting gesso on the pages. Love gesso....it keeps colors nice and bright!

The gesso also gets rid of some of the lines on the middle part of the page so as to draw focus where you want.
Here is a photo of one of my pages:
Love the vintage girl and the child like faith that she represents.....perfect for Christmas. For this page, I'll tuck a little documentation note into the cloth, in front of the vintage-like card.
The next page, I am presently working on. So far I have added some color, stamped, and added cloth....I think I need a tad more coloring....
Yup, the page is still wet.....work in process! Oh yes, I forgot to mention, that another staple, which is always on my desk, is a cup a coffee, which you can see in the pic.....lol!
Christmas morning, I will get a family pic and adhere it to the right of the page....how easy is that going to be!

Are you making preparations for your Holiday memories? I'd love to hear what you're doing!

As always thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. This is such a wonderful idea creating a memory book in advance to fill at a later stage with wonderful photos of the season. So love the zesty colours of the page.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Love it, especially the way you use material. That would TOTALLY stump me....we don't have much going on at Christmas, so I don't bother with a daily [sad, I know!!!]...but I do LOVE peeking at everyone elses!!! Can't wait to see this finished. Hope you enjoyed the coffee, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. *Sigh* these are all just soooooooooooo gorgeous!!! I love love love that Santa!!!!!

  4. WOW loving the pages.... I always adore your unique and original style Sandi! So inspiring! hugs...x

  5. Gorgeous! Love the pages and the cover! Yellow is a wonderful frech coler even on christmas!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  6. Beautiful pages! Love the vintage Santa! I love making December memory albums every year! They're so fun to look at every year!

  7. Beautiful work! Love the way you've photographed it too! Brilliant!!

  8. Oh wow. Looks really good Sandi!

  9. Your altered book is so rich and cool.Do your decorate every single page or do you glue some together to get more thickness?
    Thank You~

  10. I just saw this at Paperdvizhnik and knew straight away from the picture that it was one of your fabulous creations. Love it.

  11. Me again...lol. Just wondering if you could shoot me an email to shea10@optusnet.com.au There is something I wanted to run past you if that was ok.

  12. Oh you're so organised! This looks fabulous now - I don't think it needs photos - lol! I hope you have an amazing Christmas and thanks so much for your support throughout the year. its very much appreciated.

  13. Looks super Sandi and love the look of the cover! Love that vintage girl page too...the sentiment is gorgeous! You are super organised! I did not manage to find the time for a December daily or mini, but I have taken a lot of photo's that I will scrap! I have been making lots of cards and tags for my gifts, and admittedly still have some to do today, so tonight may be a late one! ;-)
    Wishing you and the family a very blessed and wonderful Christmas! x

  14. wow sandi so awesome gorgeous card !!!!

  15. Absolutely adore this artsy idea Sandi!!


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