Friday, March 21, 2014

Giveaway for a great cause!

Hi everyone! Today I am super excited to present you with my GIVEAWAY for an awesome cause! Recently, I learned that this beautiful young lady, Molly Malandrino, is signed up to run 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon in order to raise money for a heart felt program for children called GoKids Boston. How sweet is this, that she is willing to give of herself and run all those miles, for young children that need help!
Four giveaway packages:

This program has an amazing facility that gets kids involved and interested in exercise, healthy living and nutrition. The beauty of this program is that it gives low income children the opportunity to build their self esteem and live active lifestyles.
Molly is committed to  raising $7,500 for their foundation and all the proceeds go directly into the youth and their program. She has raised much of what she's committed to, but she still needs help, FOR THESE I have decided to have a giveaway in order to help this young lady raise what she needs (and hopefully a lot more).
I have several packages that I would like to giveaway for all who donates to this cause. There is no set amount that I'm asking you to amount is too small!

Here is how it will work:
Everyone that donates, will be entered into a drawing. (I have several drawings to satisfy every scrapping style).
To donate, simply go to this Donation link and donate under Molly Malandrino's name so that she raises the money that she has committed to. When you donate, leave a note, on the donation site, saying you heard about donating from the blog (this is how donations will be verified). Then leave me a comment that you donated AND what drawing you would like me to put your name into.
If you would like TWO chances to win, donate and post this post to your blog.
It's that simple!
Extra ~ Extra ~ Extra:
The first TWO people that comment on my blog saying they donated and posted it to their blog, will be sent a goodie package, from me, that will consist of a mini 4 X 6 pattern paper pad, an alpha sheet, and a small stamp. You will also be entered into the drawing of your choice.
Here are the giveaway packages:
Scrapping kit:
Mixed media kit:
Journal kit:
Pocket scrap kit:
 Good luck to everyone. And thanks so much for your donation.
 Thank you, for helping a child that needs help....what a beautiful thing to do!!!!!!


  1. You are so WONDERFUL for helping her on her cause!!! I am trying to donate right now!!! The site is giving me some problems -- but I am getting it done!!!! I hope she reaches her goal!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're such a sweetie! I would love it if you could post this post to your blog for another chance to win....and if you're one of the first ones, your free gift (pp pad, alpha, and stamp) is be sent out right away! Also, please let me know what drawing you would like me to enter you in! :)

  3. such a wonderful post full of giving and love .. will see how I go with the site x

  4. YAY to you Sandi, great giveaway for a good cause!!!!

  5. what an awesome giveaway, missus! and for a fabulous cause! they are up over $5100 already, how cool is that?! <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes!!! They are doing well and that is VERY cool!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lauren!!!! <3 <3 <3 too!!!!!!

  6. It's a great cause Sandi & really, really generous of you....just donated...I'm not fussed about which kit you enter me into...reading your comments to Julie above!!! And I'm about to pop a link up on my side bar to this post about your give for a good cause giveaway!!!! I don't do this sort of thing much, & I thought about it before I did - but you don't do this often at all - so it must have touched your heart:):)

    1. Thank you Lizzy!!! Yes, you're right, this is not something that I usually do....I just felt a strong urge to help these children in whatever way I could. In my heart, I felt....children can't help themselves....they need willing people to take a step forward and help them. Just imagine being a child yourself, and not knowing where to get help, or who will come help you.....that just tugs at my heart.
      Thank you Lizzy for your willingness to be one of those helpers!


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