Sunday, October 9, 2011

How many?

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share a lo that I did for the latest The Color Room challenge. This  is a lo about me drinking coffee. The question here is "how many is enough"? What do you think?
I love the fun colors this week....why not head on over and give the challenge a try!

As always, thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

Oh more thing:
I received this tag from my sweet blogging friend Kirsty and I'm suppose to list ten things about myself!

1. I am very family my family and love being very involved in their lives.
2. I love taking pictures...I am constantly clicking away!!!
3. I love to work with wood. Yup, I know...wood? Yup...I cut out all kinds of stuff with my scroll saw and put together crafts that I also paint...stuff like decorations for the door, wall etc.
4.  I love to sew! I sew all kinds of stuff and carry the stiching over to my scrapbooking...heeeheeee!
5.  I made several perienal gardens in my yard...I love gardening!
6.  I am a night owl. I love to blog at night time when the house is nice and quiet.
7.  I love pets. We presently have three wonderful pets, all with their own sweet personalities.
8.  I am a perfectionist. I strive for perfection in everything I do.
9.  I am married to my best friend in the whole wide world and am madly in love with him!
10. I love anything that is retro/vintage! Love looking at anything that's of that nature!

Now I'm suppose to pass this on to 5 other blogging buddies so here you go my friends:


Have fun...can't wait to see your ten things!


  1. Love how you have used this paper (I am still yet to use mine) and I love the detail in there.
    I personally have 3 cups a day. Sometimes I would love more but keep it to 3 but would love to get down to 2.

  2. that crazy stitching is so arty! Love where your scrapping is taking you at the moment.
    have a good week. x

  3. I love love love love your lo! LOVING all the stitching!! And loved reading about you!! FUN stuff! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Fun LO Sandi! Love the whimsical stitching! So how much coffee is enough???

  5. the stichting is so... fabulous!

  6. I love reading more about you... FUN... Love your layout too ... as always ... very inspiring... hugs...xoxo

  7. absolutely love your layout!!!!!!!!!!
    ok now that I am tagged I have to think think think!!!!

  8. wow Sandi !!!! magical, awesome, stunning, exquisite and more ... you are such a talent my friend ... hugz x
    thanks for the bloggy TAG !!!!
    I will post it soon, I am a bit busy, we have the grandies for the school holidays xoxoxo

  9. hey me again, I forgot to say it was great reading about you ..... thanks for sharing some of your inside self, I dont really have to write mine because I am the same as you except for the retro and the wood carving .... LOL
    I will write some stuff though , just joking !!!

  10. Fab page, Sandi!!! Thanks for the Tag :) pleasure to read about you :) Have a great week! Hugs, kissinia

  11. Sandi this LO is incredible, I wish I was the one that created it...and I promise not to repeat here what I wrote over at TCR ...nope you know what I am going too...I LOOOOOOVE THIS PAGE! tee hee xox

  12. Sandi, you nailed the palette again! Stunning minimalist design :) XOXO!

  13. An awesome page, love the background paper and the stitching. In answer to your question, as many as I need to get me through the day lol im a self confessed cafeine addict!

  14. Fabulous layout, Sandi! Your stitching is so arty - just adore it! Stunning work!!! :D

  15. Omg..i am in love with those stitching!!! Totally fab!!! :))))

  16. OH wow,this is another beauty, I love your stitching too, I want to learn how to do that!!!!

  17. Soooooo Fabulous LO, Sandi!!!And I love this coffe foto, is so artistic!!!!!and.... i'm happy to learn so many things aboot you!!! Kisses and good week!!!

  18. LOVE your cool and funky LO Sandi.. I love my coffee too and start the day with 2 cups.. a bit naughty I know!! Haven't had much time to check out blogs lately, so I'm catching up.. your previous posts are gorgeous too!! Have a fab day :))

  19. Love the cool and graphic feel of your layout! Awesome work! Glad to know a little more about you! :)

  20. You never stop to amaze - the layout is just gorgeous!!! You are such an inspiration!
    hugz x

  21. Oooh thanks for tagging me! Fun!! Love your layout as usual!! Ummm...I think no more than 4 cups a day LOL!

  22. What a cool layout. Love the background and your design i totally amazing. Hugs!

  23. oh wow! i ♥LOVE♥ this! you have such a cool, loose, fabulous style! i could stare at this forever and keep seeing things i want to try!


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